Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Project 7 - Spaces in Between

Depicting in a visual way the spaces in between objects.
Looking at the spaces that exist between buildings and walls as much as possible without using the actual objects or buildings as a focus in the drawing.

A1 - Pastels
Setting Up
You will need to find a space where there is a large presence of negative space.
In the city there are large areas of negative space along streets between buildings. Open cut mines are great spaces or spaces in a large shed. Spend some time looking at areas around where you live such as driveways or laneways, to find a negative space that intrigues you.

Project 6 - Movement - Ideas

Setting Up
Although the subject for this project is movement, the actual focus will depend on individual situations. For some students it might be appropriate to set up a workplace overlooking a freeway focusing on the moving traffic. Others may have access to rehearsals at a ballet studio or sporting facility. In this sense it is not important what the actual subject is, as long as there is movement present.

These were just ideas I had....this is when I was sick, I was so ill that I couldn't even get out of bed, it was really a difficult time....so I didn't get it finished .... and apparently I didn't represent movement enough.......funny that, as I couldn't hardly move a muscle and being confined to bed was hard!